An Online Hub for Upstate NY Smash Bros.

This site acts as a community hub for the Upstate NY Smash Bros. scene and was developed by Jay Bradley (HitchHikr) for people to easily find and share their scene’s events and groups, resources, and information.

Those wishing to publish articles or resources on the site may contact me at jayrbradley10@gmail.com or via Discord at HitchHikr#5860.  Tournament organizers are encouraged to reach out when beginning a new event series or when new regional power rankings are published so the site can be kept up to date!

It is a constant work in progress and if you have an idea, feel free to suggest it! Just keep in mind it may not come to fruition immediately.

Please consider becoming a member or making a donation on Ko-fi if you enjoy the work being done here and want to see more of it!

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Guidelines for Submitting Articles

  • Pitches and/or drafts can be sent to jayrbradley10@gmail.com or via Discord at HitchHikr#5860 for edits via Google Docs
    • Pitches and pieces submitted will likely be subject to editing and refinement before publishing  
  • A variety of articles can be published on this site! These can include but are not limited to:
    • Event recaps
    • Photo galleries
    • Player spotlights
    • PR announcements
    • How-to guides
    • Personal histories with the game
    • Think pieces and essays
  • Articles are encouraged to be between 400-1000 words, but exceptions are possible depending on the pitch
  • Articles must be submitted with either a photo or an idea for a graphic
  • Articles may not be published by any player on the current Upstate NY Regional Bans List and should not be in any way a violation of the SSB Community Code of Conduct (adapted from the Esports code of conduct published by the Esports Integrity Commission)
  • Articles should refrain from profanity outside of some exception towards video clips and direct quotes

Guidelines for Advertising Communities & Events

  • Calendar submissions can be sent to Jessica McNeely (AGN Eclipse) via Discord at AGN Eclipse#5527
  • Events Database update requests and requests for a Discord or social media community to be added to the Community Locator can be sent to jayrbradley10@gmail.com or via Discord at HitchHikr#5860
  • Events and community outlets which do not follow the current Upstate NY Regional Bans List or are found to be in violation of the SSB Community Code of Conduct may not be advertised on the site. If a violation is found or alerted to the attention of a site administrator, the event or community outlet will be removed.

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