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Kicking off the summer, King of Upstate crowned two dominant figures as King and Queen in the scene for Ultimate and Melee, as smash joined

Mars goes over her experience at the triple header of Melee tournaments of CR Clash #95, The Prowling Grounds #93, and Frame 14

Did Rochester just have a 64 major? Frame 14 was the biggest in the regional series yet, with record 64 and near-record Melee attendance. Now

A run-of-the-mill iteration of Binghamton’s monthly, Bearcat Brawl 7, very soon grew into a 53-entrant, region-wide Melee sendoff for Jmook when he announced it would

Frame 13 in many ways harkens in a new era for the region, especially for Melee. The tournament took place on November 4, 2023, once

Buffalo's regional Quit Your Friendlies made a big splash at the Riverworks for its 5th iteration, with a new venue, spreading the event over two days, and attracting over 200 entrants.

69 players in the Central New York Ultimate scene and beyond came to Syracuse on April 29 for Elite Gaming’s first smash tournament at the city’s esports arena, situated inside of The Museum of Science and Technology downtown.  

Rising Rivals, or 2RR for short, is starting a new summer biweekly series NIGHT CITY at the Great Lakes Gaming Lounge starting May 11

Frame 12 was largest Upstate New York premier regional tournament in years - and the largest Melee event to ever take place in Rochester.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Armada, Mang0, Hungrybox or Zain? Are you a Smash Ultimate veteran looking to try out

Players from universities and colleges in Buffalo, Binghamton, Ithaca and Rochester competed in UoR's collegiate summit

The former Upstate NY hidden boss is now, at least at the moment, at the top of the 21 year old game

Hype Waves 56 did not deviate much from its tried-and-true formula but  attracted one particularly notable entrant, now national star Jake “Jmook” DiRado.

This humble edition of the Cusetown Beatdown may have taken place the same weekend as Big House, but still brought heavy hitters to the storied convention

If it can be said locals that returning after the pandemic shutdowns was Upstate Melee starting to walk again, and Quit Your Friendlies 4 was the scene running - Frame 11 was a full-on sprint.

With one of, if not the largest local in the world for Smash 64, Upstate New York has one of the highest concentrations of active players for the now 23 year old game.

"The Smash Lab", a biweekly “Smash Bros.” tournament series hosted by Avramis, started in July last year and just completed its 25th event on Saturday with one of its highest attendances.

Syracuse player Nicholas "MonkHB" Esposito writes about his runs in two events that harkened a potential return for Syracuse's largely dormant Melee scene

Upstate New York has had a long and varied history in Super Smash Bros., from the old Smashboards days to dedicated eras of Smash 4,

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