Building a Homepage for Upstate Smash

Upstate New York has had a long and varied history in Super Smash Bros., from the old Smashboards days to dedicated eras of Smash 4, and Project M, and the continued resiliency of its Ultimate and Melee scenes.

Distinct subcultures and sub-regions continue to meet each year in regionals such as Cusetown Beatdown, Quit Your Friendlies, See Me on LAN, and others while cultivating their own cultures and skills at locals in gaming lounges, colleges and universities, and rented out shops throughout the state.

This project hopes to celebrate that culture, allow it to highlight and celebrate itself, and provide resources to players old and new.

While this website is a work in progress, the completed product will provide resources, guides, blogs, and organization to a region with a lot of history in the Super Smash Bros. world. Both as an archival tool and a living document for ideas, opinion, and access, I hope this site can carry the community forward and make it something more people can find and be a part of. Whether you’re from Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, Canton, Albany, Syracuse, Utica, Poughkeepsie, or any other city – I hope you’ll find your place, compete hard, but most importantly have fun and find fun people.