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Super Smash Bros. Melee Setup and Learning Guide

Melee Players at Frame 11

Do you have what it takes to be the next Armada, Mang0, Hungrybox or Zain? Are you a Smash Ultimate veteran looking to try out something new? Did you see a clip on Twitter and want to try it out yourself?

Melee is a game of an almost infinite ceiling, and is one of those games where it could all be 0-deaths each stock if we were all robots – but we’re not.

Hopefully this will give any aspiring player the tools they need to play the most resilient esport there is!

Setting Up

Join the Newbie Melee Discord

Find your scene’s Discord or Facebook group! See regional links for Upstate NY here.

Scroll through Blippi.gg – the best one-stop shop for Melee resources, regional Discords, learning resources, related programs & more

Check out Grab’s (top 100 Marth) newbie guide (echoes much of this guide, but may help if confused)

Get a Vanilla Melee ISO by extracting from the disc or by other means.


Thanks to the Universal Controller Fix mod (UCF), pretty much any otherwise well-functioning first-party GameCube controller is acceptable, with new controllers typically going for about $50 or so on Amazon.

UCF minimizes controller differences and is included in the Slippi Dolphin Setup, UnclePunch, and Multimod.

Others seeking greater potential longevity or modifications should seek a controller modder for PHOB models, notches, or other customizations.

For those with a fighting game background or concerned over hand issues linked to the analog stick, consider a box controller such as a Frame1 or B0XX.

If you’re looking to play on PC, you will need to get some form of Gamecube Controller Adapter. Otherwise you can use another standard controller or keyboard, but know that you will be very limited in your ability to compete at any in-person events without a GameCube or box style controller that can plug into a Wii or GameCube.

In-Person Play

Use a CRT television or a gaming monitor (144hz) paired with the Multimod with a Wii to HDMI adapter and in order to have a lag-free experience on official hardware! Slippi Nintendont also offers lag reduction capabilities.

Multimod + Wii to HDMI ($10) 

No usable disc? Install the homebrew channel on the Wii and use the Nintendont app to use an ISO with an SD Card!

Homebrew Channel Using Nintendont

Dolphin Emulator, Netplay, and playing Melee on your computer! 


Training Packs

20XX Hack Pack (With UCF)

Uncle Punch Training Pack

Gameplay Guides

The Melee Library is an incredibly comprehensive collection of information about the game

Smashboards forums on Melee topics and characters

YouTube Beginner Guides

Armada’s Tips for Beginners

Llod’s Guide for Improvement

Here’s some great pro sets for you to look at. Check out some characters you find interesting. What kind of playstyle do you prefer? All of these characters have seen success at a high level!

Must-Learns for All Characters

Will take a while, but super rewarding to work on one at a time, then combine with what you have learned so far! 

Utilize training packs like 20XX and Uncle Punch to master the game and any situation.

Remember 5-10 min a day of practice before you jump into games with others will give you way more out of it than one big tech grind session every week!

  1. Short Hopping
  1. Fast Fall
  1. L-Canceling
  1. Short Hop, Fast Fall, L-Cancel -> SHFFLing
  1. Jump-cancel grab and when to use (hit jump then z within the jumpsquat window to do a standing grab instead of a dash grab, typically for less end lag)
  1. Dash Dancing
  1. Wavedashing on ground
  1. Wavedash to ledge
  1. Wavedash off platforms
  1. Wavelanding (landing into a wavedash while airborne)
  1. Light Shield Uses
  1. Wavedash out of Shield
  1. Shield Dropping 
  1. Optimal DI
  1. Crouch Canceling
  1. Smash DI

Character-Specific Guides

Sheik GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Marth GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab GuidePPMD Marth Guide

Fox GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Falcon GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Puff GuideAdvanced Tech GuideRest Setups | Pt 2

Falco GuideAdvanced Tech GuidePPMD Falco Guide

Luigi GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Peach Guide Advanced Tech Guide Chaingrab Guide

Ganon GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Samus GuideAdvanced Tech Guide

Doc GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

ICs GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Pikachu GuideAdvanced Tech GuideChaingrab Guide

Yoshi GuideAdvanced Tech Guide

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